In this project, I was responsible for some scenes that had characters to animate, but besides the characters, I animated the entire motion of the scene that I was responsible for. It was a great pleasure to work on this film, I was able to test some character animation techniques where I used the Limber plugin to make most of the character rigs together with Duik and on some occasions I didn't use the rig I animated the characters' shapes.​​​​​​​

My part in this animation was:
- 00:00 ~ 00:04s;
- 00:12s ~ 00:14s;
- 00:18s ~ 00:21s (only characters);
- 00:32s ~ 00:38s;
-01:06 ~ 01:16s.
Animation: Isaac Nascimento, Gabriel Rocha and Anderson Bee Motion (me)
Production: Boyd Studio
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